Amersham & District Pool League

Amersham & District Pool League

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Amersham & District Pool League

Amersham & District Pool League

Wildcards 3 Only

Wildcards used: Jolly boys x1, Pluckers x1, Wedgehogs x2, Allstars x2, Hotshots x2,

Where's wally x1, Hustlers x1, Jolly Potters x1, Jeepers Keepers x1, Halfway House x2,

Gamechangers x1, United Lions x1, Lion Kings x1 ,Lion Hearts x1 ,


August 16th League Cup Qtr Final

Dragons v Jolly Potters

Polish X v Sugar Loafers

Jolly Boys v Pheasant Pluckers

Lions v Lion Kings


Please can all competition results be sent to when complete


8 ball clearance: Andy Angus


Allowed for current season 3 times


As a League trial, teams with only 5 players can play 2 players 3 times. These 2 players

will be decided by the opposing captain by randomly drawing  a player from a paper draw format

(ie names pulled from hat) then that player removed for second half draw following the cards

being completed for the first half of the match. 

When the first half has finished captains will fill the cards in as normal then the opposing captain

will draw from the hat for the 12th player and then both captains complete each others cards .

This can only occur a maximum of twice during the entire summer league inclusive of cup

matches. Any team with only 4 players can use this rule to boost their team to 5 players but

cannot use it to boost their teams to 6 players. The first name called out will play frame 5

and the 2nd name called out will play frame 11. Frame 6 and 12 will be forfeited. Please

mark this clearly on your match card as '2 players played 3 times, 1st match' or '2 players

played 3 times, 2nd match'.


Rule Changes  For Doubles

Rule Amendments as voted in at the AGM

Scotch Doubles Competition

There is to be no conferring between playing partners following your opponent's balls 

stopping after they have played their turn. You may confer quietly and with respect to

your opponents when they are at the table only. Following your team's break, the oncoming

player and not the player that broke off will nominate the colour if a ball is potted, and there

is to be no conferring on this decision.


Please contact your opposing team's captain if you cannot raise a team and attend the match.

This is not only a matter of courtesy, but the venues have food prepared and extra staff are often

scheduled to accommodate the pool teams.


**Due to players with similar names playing across the league please can ALL teams write player

full names on the team sheet & a reminder that if a team is playing a new player please add NP next 

to the player on the sheet**

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